Windows 10 – Use CHKDSK to fix problems with your hard drive

  1. Raise an elevated command prompt.
  2. Type in CHKDSK   /f   /r   /x
    1. /f  parameter tells CHKDSK to fix errors that it finds.
    2. /r parameter tells CHKDSK to repair to find the bad sectors and try and recover the readable information.
    3. /x parameter tells CHKDSK to dismount the drive before beginning the process.
  3. If your drive is a boot disk (As in your main hard drive that contains your OS, after entered, a message will popup stating the CHKDSK can’t be done while the computer is using the drive. Select Yes to schedule the CHKDSK when a Restart of the computer is executed.
  4. Restart your computer. The Scan and Repair will happen.
  5. When complete, you can look at the log of your CHKDSK by bringing up the Event Viewer.
    1. Click Windows Logs
    2. Right Click Application and click Find…
    3. Enter Chkdsk (Find looks at the Source column)  and click the Find Next button.
    4. If found, cancel out of the Find dialog box, and then read the log in the General Tab of the middle windows of the event viewer.
  6. To create a text file of the actual log, do the following:
    1.  Click Start, and in the search box, type and then click Windows Powershell. Powershell will bring up a dialog box.
    2. Enter the following at the command prompt:
      1. get-winevent -FilterHashTable @{logname=”Application”;}| ?{$_.providername –match “Chkdsk”} | fl timecreated, message | out-file Desktop\CHKDSKResults.txt
  7. Go to your Desktop and read the log file.

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