WordPress – Remove Email and URL in Comment Section, and Add Plugin to Remove Hyperlink from URL Placed in Comment Textbox

  1. In the Discussion Settings, uncheck the checkbox that states “Comment author must fill out name and email”.

2) Edit the function.php file in your File editor and add the three functions to the bottom of the php file shown in the image below:

// Add this function to functions.php to remove the url from the comments section
function crunchify_disable_comment_url($fields) { 
 return $fields;

// Add this function to functions.php to remove the email from the comments section
function crunchify_disable_comment_email($fields) { 
 return $fields;

// Add this function to functions.php to remove text below the Leave a Reply title
function custom_comment_form_defaults($defaults){
 $defaults['comment_notes_before'] = '';
 return $defaults;
add_filter( 'comment_form_defaults', 'custom_comment_form_defaults' );

3) Add a plugin called “Comment Link Remove”.

4) Edit the options of the Comment Link Remove settings by checking the checkboxes for “Remove hyper-link from comment AUTHOR”, and “Disable turning URLs into hyper-links in comments”

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Microsoft Visual Studio – How to Delete rdl.data Files in BIDS

An rdl.data file will be created each time when the report is viewed with different input parameters. The data file caches the data so running the report again in the IDE with no changes to the parameter data will render quickly.

To delete the files, add an external tool to Visual Studio that you can execute to delete all rdl.data files.

#1 Click Tools and then External Tools…
#2 If tools already exist, click the Add button, else go to step 3.
#3 Enter the following into the provided textboxes and click OK.

#4 At any time while in a BIDS Visual Studio Solution, click Tools and then ‘Clear Report Data Cache’ to delete the files.

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