I am currently a software developer working in Public Safety. I have over 30 years of experience developing and maintaining business application software.

I started out as a computer operator and worked my way up to a COBOL programmer in the mainframe world, developing COBOL/DB2 and COBOL/IMS batch and online CICS programs.

Today, I work mostly with Microsoft Visual Studio .Net, developing VB Windows Form applications, C# MVC5, Silverlight and ASP.Net Web form applications. I also develop reports using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and Active Reports.

I also work or have worked with Node.js, Google Typescript, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, ADO.Net, SQL, MySQL, Lotus Notes (LotusScript), Adobe ActionScript, (async, body-parser, cloudinary, connect-flash, ejs, express, express-session, geocoder, locus, method-override, moment, mongoose, ulter, nodemailer, passport, passport-local, passport-local-mongoose, and request).

On the MVC5 side, I also work or have worked with animate.css, antlr, automapper, bootbox, bootstrap, elmah, entity framework, glimpse, jquery databables and validations, owin, modernizr, json, popper, bootstrap notify, respond, sendgrid, twitter typeahead, webgrease, and much more.

This blog serves as my own personal journal of HOW-TOS that I hope will benefit others.

~ James