Microsoft Visual Studio – ASP.Net Dynamic and Static Hover Style Conflict in IE-9 Browser

When working with a menu control, I found that Internet Explorer 9 can’t handle setting both the static and dynamic hover style properties of the menu control. It works fine in Chrome and Firefox, but not IE-9.

To make IE-9 …

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) – Set CacheDataForPreview = False

Have you ever witnessed running a report in the Business Intelligence Development Studio only to see data that you know does not exist anymore in your SQL Database?

In certain circumstances, when previewing a report in BIDS, the environment bypasses …

Microsoft Visual Studio – ASP.Net Error in IE 9 When Using ReportViewer : No Such Interface Supported

While I was debugging in Visual Studio 2010, I come across this error when working with an aspx page that has a report viewer control. This only happens with IE. My report displays, but as soon as I click a …

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) – Dealing with multiple date ranges with the option of choosing NULL for the start and/or end date in SSRS Reports

select * from date_range_table

((@startdate1 IS NULL AND @enddate1 IS NULL)
OR (start_date1 >= @startdate1 AND start_date1 <= @enddate1)
OR (start_date1 >= @startdate1 AND @enddate1 IS NULL)
OR (@startdate1 IS NULL AND start_date1 <= @enddate1))


((@startdate2 IS NULL