Windows 10 – Create local account – Transfer data to and from iPhone/iPad

The purpose of this is allow the iPad and Windows 10 to communicate back and forth data without using AirDrop or wiring up the iPad.

1) Create a folder on Windows 10 to pass data back and forth from Windows 10 and iPad (or iPhone).

a) Go to File Manager, and create a new folder called something like this: 000-PCtoiPhone …and then put a file in it.

2) Create a new Local Account on Windows 10.

a) Type CMD in search bar, right-click Command Prompt and click: Run as administrator.
b) At command prompt blinking cursor, type: net user “pcToiPhone” “somepassword” /add …and hit enter.
Note: Replace “somepassword” with your password.
c) The password will expire in 2 months, but you can set the account’s password to never expire.

1) Type: lusrmgr.msc in the search bar and click it in the results.
2) Find the local account you created by click the Users folder.
3) right-click the local account and choose properties.
4) Click the checkbox that says “Password never expires”
5) Click OK and get out.

3) Give the folder (000-PCtoiPhone) that I created on Windows 10 full permission for the new local account, so the iPad and iPhone can access it on Windows 10 visa versa.

a) Right click the folder and click Properties.
b) Click the Sharing tab, and then click the Share button.
c) Click the drop-down and choose pcToiPhone account. Click Add.
d) Below, change the Permission Level to Read/Write for pcToiPhone.
e) Click the Share button.
f) Click Done.
g) Back to original properties window, click the Advanced Sharing button.
h) Click the checkbox next to “Share this folder”, and down below click the Permissions button.
i) Click the Add button.
j) Type in the local user account in the textbox (PCtoIPhone), then click the Check Names button, then click OK after you see it show up underlined.
k) With your local account highlighted, under the Allow column, click all three checkboxes: Full control, Change, and Read and then click OK until all the way out and all folders are closed.
l) Get the ipAddress of Windows 10 machine.
m) In the same opened command prompt from above, type: ipconfig | find “IPv4” …and it will give you the ipAddress.

4) Connect to Windows 10 from iPad.

a) iPad: Go to File Manager
b) Press the Ellipse at top and choose “Connect to Server”
c) Enter the following information:

Server name: (My Windows 10 ipAddress)
Registered User (check it)
Name: PCtoiPhone
Password: 123456
Click Next

d) The folder for server will open and you will see 000-PCtoiPhone. Copy stuff into the folder and out of the folder. If you copy something into the folder, go to Windows 10 and it will be there:
e) Ensure to disconnect from Windows 10 when done:

1) Under Shared in File Manager on iPad, press and hold the server name.
2) Choose eject.
3) Done.

Note: Why this is important!!! If you leave the iPadĀ  connected to Windows 10 and you take the iPad outside of your WI-FI area, the iPad remembers that connection. When you attempt to open the iPad File Manager somewhere else, regardless if you are connected to another WI-FI or not to anything, the File Manager will hang and it won’t be able to get into it.

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