Active Reports – How to access a public variable on a parent report from a sub report.

In the ActiveReport-ReportStart section of your parent report, you can assign any object type to the Report object variable, ‘UserData’

UserData is a public object of the DataDynamics.ActiveReports.ActiveReport.


Let’s say you are using a Watermark in your parent report. …

Active Reports 6 – Enable Script Debugging and force a breakpoint using Debug.Assert(False) in a sub report

In order to debug active reports in the Visual Studio IDE solution, you need to set EnableScriptDebugging = True.

In this example, I want to debug a sub report. When creating a sub report dynamically in the main report that …

Microsoft Visual Studio / Active Reports 6 – How to sort your collections using IComparer

Put this class in your solution. Change ‘[object name of your collection]’ to be the name of your object that defines your collection.

Public Class SimpleComparer
Implements IComparer(Of [object name of your collection])

    Private _propertyToSort As String
    Private _sortOrder As