Active Reports 6 – Inputbox

Instead of passing a parameter to a report with a value set to preexisting data, you can instead prompt the user running the report with an inputBox (Microsoft.VisualBasic) in order to capture the data on the fly to be used in the report.

For example, let’s create a report that displays three textboxes (First, Middle, and Last Name) as such:


In the VB script behind the design, dim three variables that will hold the values entered via the inputBox.

Dim mFirstName As String = String.Empty
Dim mLastName As String = String.Empty
Dim mMiddleName As String = String.Empty

In the ReportStart sub routine section of the report,  write the code that will prompt the InputBox.

mFirstName = inputBox("What is your first name?", "FIRST NAME")
mMiddleName = inputBox("What is your middle name?", "MIDDLE NAME")
mLastName = inputBox("What is your last name?", "LAST NAME")

Executing the report will display the inputBox like this:


After clicking “OK”, two more inputBox’s will appear for the Middle and Last Name.

After entering John Michael Doe, the report will then render in the viewer and look like this:


You can get the code here. The file is called TestInputbox.rpx.

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