Notifier for Twitter – Google Chrome Plugin – Twitter Error – Twitter Notifier couldn’t connect to Twitter

Okay, so I got this plugin for Google Chrome.

After a year of using the plugin, the Notifier for Twitter plugin stopped working.

Instead of a notification for a tweet, I got this instead:

I should have gotten this:

Clicking the tweets in the plugin worked okay.

I tried everything under the sun.

Within the plugin options, I clicked the Logout button, and then reauthorized the app. NOTHING!
I uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled the plugin. NOTHING!
I cleared my chrome cache. NOTHING!
I uinstalled and reinstalled Chrome. NOTHING!
I rebooted my computer. NOTHING!

And worst of all? It works on my other computer that has the same operating system.

I won’t bore you with everything else I tried.

After 3 days, I decided to use the Chrome TweetDeck. I liked it except for the fact that I always had to have it up and running in Chrome to get my notifications, and I couldn’t lengthen the notification timeout to more than 2 seconds. Very annoying! I mean, I read fast, just not that fast.

1 week later, I decided to reinstall the plugin again thinking that maybe Twitter fixed something at their end. Sure enough, it DIDN’T work. After 30 minutes of trying other things, I FINALLY figured out the problem. The problem always existed (on my end), so it had something to do with a change to Twitter’s website that introduced the error. I remembered that the problem started happening when Twitter announced changes on February 7th, 2017.

Here is what I did that helped determined my problem:

1) I right-clicked the plugin and clicked Manage extensions. I then clicked the background.html link.

2) This brought up the Chrome Developer Tools Window. It was defaulted already to Console and was monitoring the extension. Low and behold….. a 401 Authorization Error???? Wait! What?

3) I then started Googling the issue, and upon my second website visit, I found the issue.

The following (yellow highlighted part of the) sentence stood out like a sore thumb.

401: Authentication credentials ( were missing or incorrect. Ensure that you have set valid consumer key/secret, access token/secret, and the system clock is in sync.

Could it be that simple? I do have an issue with the time on this computer that is connected to a network. The network time is 5 minutes fast, and every so many hours, the network does a sync refresh causing my computer to be off 5 minutes again. Nothing, and I mean nothing has ever prevented me from doing anything because my computer time was 5 minutes off. I have heard things not working because of the clock being more than an hour or day or year off, but not 5 minutes.

I changed my computer time by decreasing the minutes by 5 to sync with the real time and wouldn’t you know it!



Hope this helps someone else!


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