Windows – How to Uninstall or Repair Visual Studio 2015 When the Package Is Corrupt or Missing

Here is my story:

I at one time installed Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition. I then uninstalled it, but the uninstall went badly somehow.

Weeks or months later, I saw the software lingering in the Programs and Features area where …

Windows – How to Clean up and Remove Old USB Storage Drivers

This process could be used on previous version of Windows, but I am only giving instructions for Windows 10.

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You can find the original post here:


USB Mass Storage devices …

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) – How to use an image as the layout of the report and then place conrols on top to display the data

1) On the body of the report, drag a tablix. Make the first row the height and width of your page. Call the Tablix ‘TheTablix’.

2) Drag a rectangle into the first row of the tablix. Call the Tablix ‘TheRectangleRow1’.…