Google Chrome – How to Stop Syncing History

How to stop syncing history and get rid of history on Google Server so it stops syncing between computers even though you change your settings to say not to sync history.

1) Go into each Google Chrome Settings an change your sync settings to stop syncing History. You can also choose not to sync passwords, open tabs, and credit card information.
2) Below the sync settings, click ‘Personalize Google Services’. Uncheck the checkbox next to ‘Include Chrome browsing history and activity from websites and apps that use Google services’. In the popup, click the ‘PAUSE’ link.
3) Below the checkbox on the syncing page, click ‘Manage Activity’. Click ‘Delete Activity by’ on the left. Click the drop-down below ‘Delete by Date’ and choose ‘All time’ then click Delete, and then click ‘DELETE’ again.
4) Back to the Chrome sync page, below ‘Personalize Google Services’, click ‘Manage synced data on Google Dashboard’. Scroll down and click the button, “RESET SYNC’.
5) In Chrome, go to your settings/History and clear all browsing data.
6) Close Chrome on each computer and exit out of the chrome icon in the system tray if it is there to stop the server.
​7​​​) ​Search for the following folder C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default for a file called Web Data on each computer and delete it.
8) Run CCleaner on each computer to clean up Google Chrome.
9) Restart Google Chrome on each computer and log back in to start syncing again.

The Web Data should be gone or at least a new one will begin that does not contain your entire history.

Repeat these steps above whenever you feel it necessary.

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