Microsoft Word – Turning Off Background Repagination (Word 2016)

By default, Word automatically repaginates your document as you work. At times, this may slow down the program to the point where you consider it unacceptable. The solution is to turn off the background repagination. Word will then only paginate the document when you print or perform some other action that requires pagination (such as using Print Preview).

  1. Click View and view your blank document in Draft mode. (Can’t change this option in the default Print Layout mode because it will be grayed out).
  2. Click File, Options, and Advanced Tab.
  3. Under the General section of the Advanced Tab, uncheck the box “Enable background repagination.
  4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 for Outline view.

You can always change your default printer to something else to see if that helps.

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