Toon Boom Animation – Rotate an object from a camera angle skewing the camera

Issue: You have this record player. The record is round and rotates as you designed it. So far so good.

You attempt to skew the entire object (we are just going to skew the record for demonstration purposes) to give the impression of a camera angle.


The problem is that when you run the animation, the record does not spin correctly based on the record skew, but instead wobbles all over the place.






Instead of skewing the object, you the skew the camera instead. This way, the object, being the record on the record player, still rotates as designed. Skewing the camera imitates positioning the camera on the angle you desire to capture. The problem is that you can’t use the skew tools that you use for skewing objects. You must use the advance tools instead.


Where is this toolbar? See below

Now, we can skew our camera instead.

First, select the camera layer and create a key frame:

Select the skew in the advanced animation tools

So far, we should like this:

Now, hover the mouse over the yellow frame at the bottom and drag right. It should now look like this:


Using the skew for objects, adjust your record player, record, and record arm.


It should now look like this:
Notice how the purple background is skewed also. Just make sure the background extends your camera lens to hide the trick of skewing the camera.

Now, play your animation and watch as your record spins as it should.




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