SQL Server Management Studio – Get metadata on mdf database files

In SQL Server Management Studio, you can run the following commands against your MDF database files to get metadata information.

--SQL Server DBCC CHECKPRIMARYFILE with Option = 0
--First, we will use it with zero to check if it is the primary file if so it will return 1 otherwise 0.
DBCC CHECKPRIMARYFILE('C:\Users\jrmoo\Downloads\MDF\Homeschool_Database.mdf',0) WITH NO_INFOMSGS
--Determine version of mdf file
DBCC CHECKPRIMARYFILE('C:\Users\jrmoo\Downloads\MDF\Homeschool_Database.mdf',2) WITH NO_INFOMSGS
--To check logical name, size, maxsize, status and physical name of all files
DBCC CHECKPRIMARYFILE('C:\Users\jrmoo\Downloads\MDF\Homeschool_Database.mdf',1) WITH NO_INFOMSGS
--Checks the logical name, status and path of all files
DBCC CHECKPRIMARYFILE('C:\Users\jrmoo\Downloads\MDF\Homeschool_Database.mdf',3) WITH NO_INFOMSGS

Here are the output results:

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