Host Domain – How to prevent or allow directory listing on your host domain

There is a very simple way to prevent people from seeing your directory listing via the web browser’s address bar. You can prevent it at the root level (www) or inany sub level folder. All you need is a file called .htaccess

Note: It may seem that .htaccess is a file extension and the filename to the left is missing, but this is not the case. The actual name of the file is .htaccess

Bare minimum, all you need is one line of text:

Options -Indexes

If you do not want to prevent directory listings:

Options +Indexes

Let us say you do not care if people see what is in your directory, but want to restrict certain file types. You can control what files are seen by using the IndexIgnore option.

So, let’s say you want to prevent people from seeing shock wave files *.swf and PHP files *.php

You can code it like this:

Options +Indexes
IndexIgnore *.swf *.php

Note: Separate each file extension with a space.

That’s all!

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